Let me guess…

You built your business from the ground up, you’re done wasting time doing it all yourself, and are ready to build the team to execute your vision with you.

The Big Factor strategy team is here to transform your life by using your brilliant ideas to effortlessly scale your company for long-term sustainable growth. You are ready to serve and receive your multi-figure business abundance now.

The Experience Experts

Evolve your solopreneur venture into a cohesive and sustainable company. We provide entrepreneur mentorship and design, development & copywriting team members to help you implement virtual architecture and develop scalable business solutions.

The Mastermind for Trailblazers

Obtain access to the best-kept secrets on building a successful business through monthly guidance covering everything from back-end business systems and new technologies to mindset, marketing and building your tribe.

Trailblazer’s Retreat

Immerse yourself in an intensive 7-day luxury retreat where you work with expert entrepreneurs to develop a next level business strategy grounded in your core values.

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We aren’t like other online marketing consultants out there. We are your transition team.
Point a to point b. Solopreneur to empire. And everywhere in between.
Our philosophy is simple: Our team is your team.

Your success is our success.

Lynan has personally curated some of the leading growth experts that will become your resource team.
We are here to bring your ideas to life and take them to the next level.
This new application of marketing principles will transform your company.

Every Client is a Success Story

Embrace your unique abilities, attract your ideal clients and step out of the shadows to watch your radiant business thrive. Our experts will help you build strong branding, implement customized marketing strategy and successfully expand to a global marketplace through your online presence.


My Team is Your Team

We understand that there is more to life than business, but that your business is an important part of your life.

Our knowledgeable team is here to offer guidance, implementation support and friendship as you up-level your brand, increase sales, and undergo both business & personal growth.

Lynan Saperstein
CEO / Marketing Strategist
Momentum maker, innovative business-blueprint designer, passion-driven adventurer
Amberly Miller
Operations Manager
Architect of effective business systems and outsourcing, lover of fast food
Danielle Blum
Marketing Associate
Deep desire for travel & entrepreneurship, digital marketing enthusiast. Brilliant content developer, social media and SEO implementer.
Kaitlyn Gomez
Project Management
Detail-oriented organizer, lover of timelines and all things design

Are you an entrepreneur trying to get to the next level,
needing the exact steps to elevate your vision?



Apply for your 12-month immersion membership today,

for the keys to success- business breakthroughs that don’t break the bank. All access to a high-value mastermind with powerful community and one-on-one coaching, providing you the must-have foundation of business systems, marketing tips, technology, mindset, web design & much more to create the PROFITABLE business of your dreams.

We’ll show you how to:


PRIORITIZE to generate money fast

UP-LEVEL your brand

CREATE a clear vision

PACKAGE so you are PROUD to promote

STRENGTHEN your team

and GROW your company

Apply for The Mastermind

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